Helping defeat hate with love

Partnership with Fight For The Forgotten

Justin "Big Pygmy" Wren is the founder of Fight For The Forgotten, a foundation built to provide clean water and land to the formerly-enslaved Mbuti Pygmy people in the jungles of the Congo. The foundation has flourished, drilling nearly 100 wells and helping the Pygmy people purchase and develop their own land. Further initiatives have blossomed, including the goal to defeat bullying worldwide.

Knife For The Forgotten Campaigns

With the help of my incredible customers we have successfully completed 2 campaigns, each raising money to drill a fresh water well. That's 2 wells in 2 communities which now have access to clean water; something we all take for granted. Of this I am extremely proud. These campaigns were dubbed Knife For The Forgotten. Stay tuned for more in the future!

Now Every Sale Helps

We have now partnered with Fight For The Forgotten, and 5% of every knife sale goes directly to the foundation. 5% of every dollar you spend helps finance the drilling of another well, to help another community, to provide generations of people in need with fresh, clean water. 5% helps defeat hate with love, helps empower those without a voice, helps eliminate bullying and helps end suffering.